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2017 Starts Right!

Posted 2/14/2017

Crazy to think last year went so fast that I didn't even get time to post!! We are already down in the trees in CA pollinating the Almonds right now :) There has been so much rain water this year that we hope our farmers and others are going to yield an awesome crop!

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2016 Start Strong!

Posted 2/12/2016

We have made it through shipping the hives to CA and the grading process! Travis managed to get all the bees placed in the Almond trees with the help of the crew! We have a great crew this year, so looking forward to the crazy busy Apple season fast coming! I have managed to get the Apple contracts out and already have been receiving them back! Thanks to our farmers who are making sure they reserve their bees in a timely manor!! I managed to get a new crew picture already!Travis & Myself working the bees in the Almonds!Travis & Myself working the bees in the Almonds!

Almond Crew 2016Almond Crew 2016

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Pollination coming to an end, now honey production starts!

Posted 5/13/2015

We are just finishing up with the pollination of crops in the WA state. We are starting to move the bees to our honey producing areas! Summer is upon us and I can't wait till this years honey starts flowing :)

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Bee Work 2015

Posted 2/13/2015

We shipped 12.5 loads of bees down to the Almonds this year! Took them straight out of the storage, placed them on the trucks, and hauled them down to begin their year of work! It is looking great :) Bees are happy! Thank goodness it rained to get water in the ground down there. We heard talk of there being a surplus of bees in CA. Well the talk was wrong. Apparently there is a shortage of bees again. 

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